The Virginia Tech Foundation has four highly active and engaged committees which oversee matters of importance to the foundation’s mission. We are grateful to each of our committee and board members who generously dedicate their time and expertise.

Committee Appointments 2022-2023

Executive Committee

Ms. Jacqueline “Jackie” L. Archer
Mr. Christopher J. Brightman
Mr. J. Benjamin “Ben” Doughtie
Mr. Gregory C. Godsey
Ms. Starlette B. Johnson (Chair)
Ms. Letitia A. Long
Mr. William N. Park (Vice Chair)
Mrs. Renae C. Pearson
Mr. Christopher M. Quillen
Ms. Laila N. Rossi
Dr. Timothy D. Sands
Mr. Shirish S. Sathaye
Mr. Christopher W. “Chris” Shean
Mr. James N. Strawbridge
Mr. Gregory “Greg” C. Thompson

Advancement Committee

Ms. Margaret L. Callahan
Mr. Kevin T. Crofton
Hon. Traci J. DeShazor
Mr. J. Benjamin “Ben” Doughtie (Vice Chair)
Mr. Nathan T. Lavinka
Mrs. Renae C. Pearson (Past Chair)
Ms. Laila N. Rossi (Chair)

Audit Committee

Ms. Jacqueline “Jackie” L. Archer (Past Chair)
Mr. Gregory C. Godsey (Vice Chair)
Mr. Donald B. “Don” Halliwill
Mr. Roger H. Moore
Mr. Christopher W. “Chris” Shean (Chair)
Mr. Sumeet V. “Sonu” Singh
Mr. Richard R. “Richie” Whitt, III

Investment Committee

Mr. Omar M. Asali
Mr. Christopher J. Brightman (Past Chair)
Mr. Stephen T. “Steve” Mason
Mr. Michael E. “Mike” Melo
Mr. Shirish S. Sathaye (Vice Chair)
Mr. Gregory C. “Greg” Thompson (Chair)

Real Estate Committee

Mr. J. Ryan Lingerfelt
Mr. Marty Muscatello
Mr. William N. Park
Mr. James G. “Jim” Petrine
Mr. Christopher M. Quillen (Chair)
Mr. James N. Strawbridge (Vice Chair)
Mr. W. Lake Wagner

Nominating Committee

Mr. Christopher J. Brightman (Chair)
Mr. Kevin T. Crofton
Ms. Starlette B. Johnson
Mrs. Renae C. Pearson