The foundation is committed to prompt payment of all requests for payment. Generally, checks are mailed within 15 calendar days of receipt of the check request.

Only authorized fund users may approve the disbursement of foundation money. All disbursements must be made in accordance with the donor restrictions on the funds, IRS guidelines and foundation policies.

The foundation parallels the university's policy regarding the distribution of disbursement checks. Accordingly, all checks to vendors will be mailed directly to the vendor; they will not be returned to the department except in special circumstances, as requested.

The foundation requires that in cases where special handling of checks is required, other than mailing directly to the vendor, that those handling instructions be clearly and boldly marked directly on the request for payment form. These instructions should be highlighted in a color so that they are more noticeable when the payment is processed. Proper documentation on the RFP form will help assure that the special instructions are followed as requested.

Any backup documentation that needs to be mailed to the vendor with the check should be submitted with the Request for Payment form.

The foundation offers and encourages direct deposit of reimbursements to employees of Virginia Tech and the Virginia Tech Foundation. A downloadable version of the direct deposit application form is available. For questions or assistance please contact the Business Office at 231-2507.