The foundation New/Change Fund Form is used for all requests to establish and/or change a foundation fund. A request to establish a new fund must be signed by the applicable department head or college dean. A request to change an existing fund must be signed by a current authorized user of that fund.

By completing the Foundation New/Change Fund Form, the necessary information is communicated to the foundation. The following information is required:

  1. Fund number to be CHANGED (New funds will be assigned a number by the foundation)
  2. Fund name or requested name for a new fund
  3. College or division that the fund supports
  4. Department name and number that the fund supports
  5. Source and Use of monies for new funds
  6. Reason for changing funds
  7. Authorized User´s name(s) and signature(s) and BANNER ID (if inquiry capabilities are needed). Authorized users should be at the appropriate organizational level, and should not be individuals who reconcile department funds. Consistent with university policy, it is recommended that authorized users be at pay band 4 or above.
  8. Inquiry User´s name(s) and BANNER ID

The dean´s or department head´s signature is required for the establishment of new funds.

A current Authorized User´s signature is required for changes to existing funds.

Questions regarding this form can be addressed to the Foundation Accounting Office at 231-9736. A downloadable version of this form is also available.