The Request for Funds Transfer Form is to be used any time monies are transferred from one foundation fund to another. The fund number and name for both funds must be listed. The reason for the transfer must be clearly stated. An authorized user of the fund from which the monies are being transferred must sign the form. The authorized user who has signed the form can not be the person who is listed as the contact person. The authorized user and the contact person must be two different individuals. Any supporting documentation should be attached to the form.

Request for Funds Transfer Form is internal to the foundation and CANNOT be used to transfer funds to the university. For transfer of monies from a foundation fund to a university fund, see section III, item G for disbursement procedures.

The foundation requires certain information in order to transfer cash from one Foundation fund to another foundation fund. The following must be indicated on the form:

  1. Foundation fund FROM which monies are to be transferred
  2. Foundation fund TO which monies are to be transferred
  3. Dollar amount to be transferred
  4. Reason for the transfer
  5. Authorized user´s signature for the fund that cash is to be transferred FROM

Any questions regarding the form should be directed to the Foundation Accounting Office at 231-2858. A downloadable version of this form is also available.