To make disbursements from foundation funds, certain information must be provided to the foundation. The necessary information should be noted on the Request for Payment Form. All forms must include the following:

  1. Foundation fund number to be charged
  2. Signature of an authorized fund user
  3. Vendor name/address and tax identification number if for an individual
  4. Business purpose
  5. Departmental contact person and phone number

If the above items are not clearly stated, the payment may be delayed and/or the payment request may not be honored. Representatives of the foundation accounting staff will notify the contact person listed if any discrepancies are identified. In instances where the business purpose is questionable, the department may be asked to provide further information in order to process the payment. To avoid such instances, it is important to provide as much information as possible so that the business purpose is clearly stated. Ultimately, the foundation has the authority to deny requests for payments that are not considered to be of a business nature.

The original Request for Payment is sent to the Foundation Accounting Office, 902 Prices Fork Road, Suite 4500, Mail Code 0354. Questions regarding this form should be directed to the Foundation Accounting staff at 231-2858.