Many of the current restricted funds in the foundation have cash balances, which are carried for extended periods. The foundation provides a means of earning interest by a “VTF Certificate of Deposit”, on fund balances under the following guidelines:

1. The fund’s authorized user must designate by memorandum the dollar amount to be placed in a “VTF Certificate of Deposit.” Such requests should be addressed to the Virginia Tech Foundation, Accounting Office, 902 Prices Fork Road, Suite 4500, Mail Code 0354.

2. A minimum balance of $10,000 is required to purchase a “VTF Certificate of Deposit.” Amounts in excess of $10,000 may be invested in $1,000 increments.

3. Cash designated for investment must be committed for at least one year. No interest will be paid if funds are withdrawn prior to maturity.

4. Balances among several funds cannot be aggregated to purchase a “VTF Certificate of Deposit.”

5. Earnings from a “VTF Certificate of Deposit” will be allocated upon its maturity. The interest rate earned will be one-half the earnings rate of one-year U.S. Treasury Bills at the time the funds are committed for investment.

6. Should the cash balance in an investment fund become negative (deficit), the “VTF Certificate of Deposit” will immediately mature, with only interest posted until that date.

7. Endowment income funds are prohibited from investing in VTF CD’s.