• As required by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the VTF Executive Committee will receive public input on the proposed FY21 WVTF Budget at its June 5 meeting. The budget presentation and time for public input is scheduled for 10:00 - 10:45 a.m. The meeting will be facilitated via Zoom providing registrants with both dial in and online options. The public can register to attend at https://vtf.org/register/wvtf.

  • When student members of Virginia Tech’s Commodity Investing by Students, or COINS, group heard that spring break was going to be extended for a week and that classes would then move online, they quickly began to think of ways they could keep operating from a distance.
    For some members, that distance was farther than others.

    Colburn Hassman, a senior from Kilmarnock, Virginia, was vacationing in Sweden when he heard the news. But as someone who spent his entire sophomore year abroad, Hassman was prepared to finish out the semester in Stockholm, Sweden, where he now lives with friends he met as a sophomore studying abroad.

    “Having Colburn in Sweden has allowed us to add an international time zone, which is cool for a trading and investment group because when we’re sleeping, Colburn might be up checking on the markets and thinking of strategies so he’ll send us messages on things we can work while he winds down his day and vice versa,” said Muralidhar. “This is really cool because this is what happens at trading and investment firms in the professional world – they’ve got people sitting in Europe, sitting in Asia, so that when markets close in one area, there are people awake in other areas who are ready to act.”

    While the markets have been extremely volatile, COINS members have continued to show their interest by putting in extra time and effort to understand and analyze how societal, agricultural, and political systems are connected and influence commodity markets.

    COINS is housed in the Virginia Tech Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, through which Hassman is completing his bachelor’s degree this semester, and manages investments of up to $1 million for the Virginia Tech Foundation.

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  • The RADIO IQ News staff was honored with 10 awards from the Virginias Associated Press Broadcasters.

    For the third consecutive year, RADIO IQ was named Outstanding News Operation of the Virginias. “I’m proud that the work of our entire team has been recognized so consistently,” News Director David Seidel said. “Strong individual reporting with the goal of serving our communities will always result in great journalism.”

    In addition to the Outstanding News Operation award, RADIO IQ was also recognized with a first place award in the Continuing News category for its coverage of the February 2019 scandals involving the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

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  • To provide quicker payments and to be responsive to the needs of those working remotely, the Virginia Tech Foundation has developed a new method for enrolling in direct deposit online. We encourage you to begin taking advantage of this new paperless option today by going to https://vtf.org/directdeposit and logging in with your Hokies account to get started. After your enrollment has been processed we will send an email confirmation to your registered work email address. You will also be notified via email from our bank (Wells Fargo) when a payment has been processed on your behalf. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing vtf.ap@vtf.org.

  • In order to be responsive to the needs of those working remotely, the Virginia Tech Foundation has developed a method for submitting Requests for Payment to the Foundation electronically. We encourage you to begin taking advantage of this paperless new option today by going to https://vtf.org/rfp . Complete procedural guidelines are available on our website at https://vtf.org/paperless-request-payment-submission. When you submit requests electronically, please keep these items in mind:

    • You DO NOT need to get physical penned signatures when submitting electronic requests
    • DO NOT submit paper copies of your submitted request
    • Be sure to retain the original receipts for the transaction for ONE YEAR should any questions or audit inquiries arise
    • Any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will need to be blacked out by the department prior to submitting backup documents
    • You will need to log in to the new system using your Hokies account

    To continue to offer flexible options for processing, all of the Foundation’s previously identified methods for submitting Request for Payments are still available. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing vtf.ap@vtf.org.