• If you are in Roanoke or Blacksburg, there are several holiday events at The Hotel Roanoke and The Inn at Virginia Tech. Both hotels have the "Fashion for Evergreens", which is the annual competitive decorated-tree display, giving both venues a festive feel.

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  • The Foundation is pleased to announce that one of America’s most prized and internationally acclaimed living artists, P. Buckley Moss, has opened a fine art gallery at North End.

    P. Buckley Moss has a unique directness to her work that is dedicated to hope for the future and positive thoughts of love, family and the beautiful world around us. Her brand of abstract expressionism is rich with cultural, mystical and religious symbolism that connects with people at a deep level.

    Donations of P. Buckley Moss art have raised over four million dollars for worthy charities. The P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education is devoted to promoting the use of art in the classroom, especially as a means to teach children with learning differences.

    North End (formerly known as Collegiate Square and the Turner Street Project) is a 227,000 square foot mixed use development with a diverse environment of retail, restaurant and office space located at the intersections of Prices Fork Road and Gilbert & Turner Streets in Blacksburg, Virginia.

  • Held in Blacksburg, Virginia, this conference is for alumni, faculty, students, investors and entrepreneurs who wish to better understand and benefit from Virginia Tech’s entrepreneurial eco-system. Brian Sullivan the host of several CNBC program and a graduate of Virginia Tech will the keynote speaker to kick the event off. There will also be multiple alumni speaking about their experiences as entrepreneurs. For more information, please go to the event's website.