The Virginia Tech Foundation now allows for paperless, electronic submission of Requests for Payment (RFP). An overview as well as detailed instructions for submitting paperless RFPs are outlined below. Do note, that in order to use this system, users must have a Hokies account. If a users do not have a Hokies account, they should talk with their IT staff about having one created.

Process Overview

  1. Download the new Microsoft Word-based RFP form.
  2. DO NOT fill in the Word form fields; they will be populated automatically.
  3. Attach or insert pictures or scans of the receipts or other backup documentation on blank pages of the form.
  4. Save the form with pictures to your desktop or other desired folder.
  5. In a web browser, navigate to
  6. Log in with your Hokies account in the form of, enter your password, and complete Duo 2FA.
  7. You will be presented with a web-based form. This is where you fill out the fields pertinent to the RFP. You will be asked for the email address of the Authorized User on the fund who will be approving the RFP. Upon submission of the web form, this person will receive an email requesting approval.
  8. The Authorized User will click the link in the email, log in with their Hokies account, click ‘Approve’ or ‘Disapprove’, and then hit ‘Save’.
  9. The Preparer, the Authorized User, and VTF Accounts Payable will receive an email confirming the submission.
  10. VTF Accounts Payable will then process the RFP through their usual procedure.

Process Detail

  1. Download the RFP Template - Download the new Microsoft Word-based RFP form.
  2. Ignore Template Form Fields - The form looks like a traditional paper form with fields, but do not try to fill the form out. The form will be populated with your answers to the web-based form and other information pulled from our information systems.
    RFP Screen Capture
  3. Attach or Insert Pictures or Scans - This step is where the bulk of the RFP preparation happens. It is also highly dependent on individual preparers’ technology. In general, there a few common methods to do this. (Please make sure the Image(s) are legible, in English, and the totals are in U.S. dollars.)
    1. Take a picture(s) of the receipt(s) if they are paper. Ways to do this include:
      • Use your mobile device
      • Use the camera on your laptop
      • Use your office scanner
    2. Get the picture to your computer. Popular methods include:
      • Email it to yourself
      • Upload to your VT Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive
      • Upload to another shared drive
      • Use the office scanner as you normally would
    3. Insert the picture/scan on a blank page in the Word form. Add a page for each picture.
      • Use Insert > Picture in the ribbon to select a picture file
      • Use a screenshot or snipping tool to copy the picture to your clipboard, then paste it into the form. Word has a built-in screenshot feature. Open the picture, then in Word choose Insert > Screenshot > Screen clipping. Use this feature if you used a scanner and have a PDF of the document.
      • If you have an emailed receipt, using the screenshot method is quick and easy
    4. Insert a file on a blank page in the Word form.
      • Use Insert > Object > Create from File > Browse
      • Use this option to insert a PDF, Excel sheet, other type of picture into the sheet. VTF AP will be able to open the file as it is.
      • Alternatively, Windows users can just drag and drop from File Explorer into the Word document.
      • RFP drag n drop

  4. Save the File - Now that the form has your backup documentation in it, save the file to a location you will remember. You’ll need to retrieve it again in a minute.
  5. Go to the Web Form and Log In - Navigate to You will be re-directed to a Microsoft-hosted form and asked to log in with your Hokies account. If it asks, select ‘Organizational Account’. Then enter your username in the form of Use your Hokies account password and complete 2FA to access the form.
  6. Filling out the Web Form - Fill out fields pertaining to the RFP including the fund code, account code, vendor info, etc. Attach the Word form by clicking ‘Upload File’ and selecting the just-saved file. You must include a valid VT email address of the person you’d like to approve (sign) the RFP. If you submit an RFP without a valid address, you’ll get an email response asking you to re-submit the RFP.
  7. Approving the RFP - After submitting the form, an email will go to the Authorized User asking them to approve the RFP. The preparer and VTF Accounts Payable will be copied on the email. The message will include an attachment of the Word RFP form with the fields filled out, along with the backup documentation for the Authorized User’s review. The Authorized User can then click the link in the email, log in, click the ‘Approve’ or ‘Disapprove’ button, and hit ‘Save’.
    RFP Approval Screen Capture
  8. Confirmation of Authorized User Approval/Disapprova - Once the Authorized User hits save, an email confirmation will be sent to the preparer, the authorized user, and VTF Accounts Payable.
  9. VTF Accounts Payable Process - At this point, the VTF AP group will process the RFP. They will check to verify the approver selected is indeed an authorized user on the fund, verify the other fields on the form, and then process the payment. If AP needs any additional information to process the payment they will contact the preparer. Please keep the electronic version of the Word form until you have received confirmation from VTF AP that your submission has been accepted. Once accepted, you may dispose of the form.