The Virginia Tech Foundation is committed to being a good corporate citizen and the private enabler of Virginia Tech. Working collaboratively to advance the university's missions of discovery, learning, and community engagement we create, manage, and build assets that fortify and enrich the entire Virginia Tech community. We transform capital into enterprise with tangible results that benefit all collaborators including Virginia Tech faculty, students and alumni while enhancing economies and the communities they support.

Guided by a strong commitment to fiduciary responsibility, the foundation receives, manages, and disburses private gifts to advance the missions of Virginia Tech. We strive to be exceptional stewards of the assets provided by the university’s many generous donors, and to grow and leverage those assets to the fullest extent to enable the forward progress of the university and all of its constituents.

Anchoring a solid investment in the future of Virginia Tech, endowed gifts make up the largest portion of the foundation’s assets. The overriding principle of endowed gifts is that funds should be managed to ensure a gift today will provide support for a donor’s objective in perpetuity. The endowment is an actively managed portfolio incorporating deep fundamental analysis and a value-oriented, global approach. Endowment performance is compared annually against its peers and consistently ranks in the top quartile over rolling one, three and five-year periods.

Complementing the endowment’s investments, the foundation manages an extensive real estate portfolio. The portfolio supports initiatives targeting economic growth, technological advancement, and business creation. Real estate acquisitions, construction and renovation are done at the request of the university and real estate gifts are designated in accordance with donor intent for ultimate disposition to support the missions of Virginia Tech.